Lorna’s Team


Lorna works with a cameraperson, who shoots the interviews, while Lorna focuses on and connects with the interviewee. Every interview is done by Lorna, who has a way of tapping into people’s deepest expressions of who they are and what they’re going through.

She also works with an editor, who uses the most up-to-date editing programs for the complex weaving together of interviews, photos, footage, sound bites, montages, etc.


Everyone who works with Lorna on a video is an experienced, talented professional with state-of-the-art equipment and computer support. Lorna’s team is also compassionate and sensitive to the challenges of shooting video at the homes of people who are suffering and grieving.



Lorna most often works with LISA MOLOMOT, a graduate of the American Film Institute, a Fulbright recipient, a documentary filmmaker and an editor whose work has aired on PBS' POV and Independent Lens and has been seen at film festivals all over the world. Lisa has taught filmmaking at Yale University, Wesleyan University, Colorado College and Trinity College, and currently teaches at the University of Arizona at the School of Theatre, Film and Television and the James E. Rogers School of Law.

Lisa is the cameraperson as Lorna interviews clients, family, friends, and possibly teachers and colleagues for the videos, making sure that the audio and visuals of the videos are of extremely high quality. She and Lorna then construct and edit the videos together. Lisa is adept at navigating the most current editing programs and is able to make complex visual and audio layered edits with amazing speed, creativity, and accuracy.