Soroko Investigations specializes in litigation-related investigation and case preparation, with a specialty in interviewing witnesses.

Our cases are focused on personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, premises liability, business litigation, University of Arizona student conduct hearings, and some criminal defense. Lorna’s approach is smart and resourceful.

Lorna understands what to ask and how to ask it in a witness interview. Witnesses are comfortable talking with Lorna. Most of the time, even the most reluctant witnesses end up talking with her.


Lorna’s reports are clear, concise, and comprehensive.

Soroko Investigations also locates people, does MVD research (including insurance information), takes photos (e.g., scenes, vehicles, injuries, scars), and can check on basic assets.

Lorna’s legal background makes it easy to communicate investigative needs in a case. She understands legal terms, case strategies, and what to focus on in her interviews.

"Lorna Soroko has a keen knack for finding even the most stubborn evidence."

Soroko Investigations has been investigating for Arizona lawyers since 1996.