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"In the last two years, Lorna has produced three settlement videos for my wrongful death cases. Her videos are REMARKABLE."

Soroko Legal Videos are made by an experienced filmmaker who has a legal background, storytelling expertise, and a compassionate approach.

Lorna’s settlement videos humanize plaintiffs and powerfully establish damages. Weaving together interviews and visuals, the videos profoundly show the depth and extent of each loss.


For some videos, Lorna first investigates the case to help prove liability, and then she makes the settlement video to portray damages. Her familiarity with the case and the client are a valuable added benefit to the process.

Lorna and her editor build a professional, layered edit that maximizes interview clips, visuals, photos, and more. The result is a settlement video that is moving, convincing, and sincere, without ever overdoing it. Lorna’s videos have moved stubborn adversaries to settle favorably, exceeding Plaintiffs’ goals.

"The art of settlement videos or 'day in the life' films is to convey as much information as favorably as possible without being overly dramatic or cloyingly sentimental. Lorna consistently succeeds in doing that."