J. Patrick Butler

Tretschok, McNamara, Miller and Feldman, P.C.
Tucson, Arizona

I've had the true pleasure of working with Lorna for about 20 years. I was lucky to meet her when she first came to Tucson from Los Angeles where she worked in entertainment law. She is a Harvard Law cum laude graduate. In L.A., Lorna was also a writer, developed television and film projects, and worked in production in the film industry. These are unique and remarkable backgrounds for her forensic film work.

In the last two years she has produced three settlement videos for my wrongful death cases. Her videos are REMARKABLE. With her background in law she knows just the right questions to ask to highlight the important aspects of the case. While I was initially reluctant to have her ask the questions of the clients and witnesses, it became clear to me she has a gift for establishing a rapport with people and was able to get them to open up in ways that I could not. She has an artist’s instinct for developing “the story” and its themes. The art of settlement videos or “day in the life” films is to convey as much information as favorably as possible without being overly dramatic or cloyingly sentimental. Lorna consistently succeeds in doing that.

The mediators in the cases where we submitted Lorna’s work all said the videos were the best they had seen. We received probably the highest compliment in one case when defense counsel said the adjuster was moved by what he saw in the video and could now fully understand what the case was about and the extent of the damages. Of course, before ever sending the videos out we screen them with office staff members, and the videos unanimously receive excellent reviews.

Over my 40 years in the personal injury field I’ve used a variety of sources to produce videos, and no one comes close to the quality of work that Lorna does.


John E. Osborne

Managing Partner, Goldberg & Osborne
Tucson, Arizona

Dear Lorna:

This is to let you know how impressed I am with your video and day in the life services. I highly recommend your services.

Day in the Life videos are normally used in connection with mediation. You provided a thoughtful, insightful, and well-organized video that showcased the damages my clients suffered through the loss of their adult son.

Many elements go into your success. First, you took great care to brief yourself fully on the case and made sure you understood our goals, objectives, and the information we had already gathered for our damages case.

Second, you coordinated extremely well with my clients, who were understandably traumatized and sensitive even several years after their loss, to discuss the impact of their losses upon them. These particular clients were very private and prone to minimizing their grief and emotions. Despite these hurdles, you were able to draw fantastic and effective detail from them.

Third, you coordinated very well over time to keep us appraised of your progress. Your creative sense for the case was really superb.

Fourth, you had great appreciation for the need to prioritize and keep the video short. Attention spans being what they are, even for major injury cases, your editing was extremely well done.

Finally, you delivered an affordable product on time.

I am confident your exceptional handling of the video assignment contributed to the successful result we ultimately achieved.

A noteworthy benefit of your work is the value it added to our understanding of the damages case. No doubt we learned a lot from you and your efforts that would have provided lots of value-added to our trial presentation.

Feel free to suggest any prospective customers contact me as a reference.


Allen Bucknell

Litigation Managing Attorney, Goldberg & Osborne
Phoenix, Arizona

Lorna has worked with me for many years as a private investigator. Her work has always been superb. She is excellent at tracking down witnesses and getting uncooperative witnesses to give full and complete accounts of events. I use her on all of my hardest cases.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Lorna on producing a video depicting the damages suffered by a family when the 80 year patriarch was killed in a trucking accident. Creating the video had many challenges. The widow only spoke Spanish. Lorna worked hard to develop historical information to document their 50 year marriage. The 6 surviving children lived in various locations in California and Arizona. Each had unique challenges including one that had diagnosed mental illness. Lorna conducted video interviews with each of them and captured moments that superbly illustrated their close relationship with their father and the impact his death had on the family. Lorna went beyond the statutory beneficiaries and secured additional interviews with the decedent’s sister that added depth to the video.

The final product was a strong, impactful statement of the damages in the case. It allowed me to obtain a large settlement for the family without having to file a lawsuit. There is no doubt that Lorna’s video was the most important exhibit at the mediation.

Lorna was a consummate professional during the process. Her skill allowed her to work independently. I did not have to micromanage the project. Initially we discussed a broad outline of my thoughts and then she met with the family, did her recordings and presented a video that conformed with my instructions and required very little editing.

I would certainly use Lorna to do “Day in the Life”/Wrongful Death videos again for appropriate cases. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.


Bryan Schiller

Schiller Accident Injury Law
Tucson, Arizona

Lorna and her team are outstanding. I utilized Lorna to produce a settlement video for the tragic death of a young man. Lorna takes a very active role given her background. The end result is nothing short of perfection. The quality of the video is indistinguishable from something you would see on the Lifetime Network. Clients deserve their story to be told. Lorna produces a finished product that tells the story in full breathing color.


Frances Lynch

Bache & Lynch
Tucson, Arizona

Lorna Soroko is a brilliant producer who has made three serious injury videos for our firm.  Each one had a significant, positive impact in resolving or strengthening the case.  Lorna understands how to get to the main issues in the case and is good at showing what really matters, telling the client's story, helping the client to feel heard, and most importantly, getting settlement judges to understand the severity of the injury and extent of the damages.


William Bacon

Goldberg & Osborne
Tucson, Arizona

Lorna has produced several very powerful wrongful death videos for us. We used the videos in mediations and in direct negotiations with the defense. Lorna's videos went a long way toward our getting these cases settled. She combined her interviews with family members and friends, along with family photos and video; she edited the product in a way that the end result powerfully showed how the death (in one case a son, in another case a mother) devastated the surviving family members. I recall one case, in particular, where it was hard not to become choked up watching the video.

What impressed me with these projects was that, in one case, the family was very outgoing and gregarious in talking about their son/brother/friend but in a second one, the family members were all very shy and reticent to talk. Despite that, Lorna used her superb interviewing skills and was able to draw out information that painted a vivid picture of the deceased mom and the vacuum her death left in that family.

Lorna and her team are the ultimate professionals. I certainly intend to use Lorna's services in the future.


Lloyd L. "Chip" Rabb III

Rabb & Rabb, PLLC
Licensed in AZ, CO, NM & TX

As any seasoned litigation attorney knows evidence and presentation of the evidence matter. However, finding the evidence can be a stubborn thing. Lorna Soroko somehow has a keen knack for finding even the most stubborn evidence. More importantly, Lorna and her team have a talent for effectively putting the evidence together for settlement video presentation. Whether for an outstanding “day in the life” presentation or a powerful wrongful death video, and more, Lorna's work is exemplary and makes my job a lot easier. Thank you to Lorna for all your help over the years.


Jason M. Kelly

Fredenberg Beams
Phoenix, Arizona

I have used Lorna's videos in a handful of cases, and each time the video has had a positive impact on settlement efforts. If we had gone to trial, I am quite sure that her “day-in-the-life” videos would have been persuasive with the jury. As a plaintiff’s attorney trying to demonstrate the life-changing effects of an injury, I especially appreciate Lorna’s kind heart that elicits, and then portrays, the humanity of my clients.