About Lorna Soroko


LORNA SOROKO was the Chief Investigator of the Public Defenders Office in Santa Cruz, CA, before attending Harvard Law School. She graduated cum laude and practiced entertainment law in Los Angeles at an international law firm and at a major motion picture studio. Lorna is a member of the California Bar.

While practicing law, Lorna also produced a documentary and numerous segments for a cable television series. Lorna then sold a story to HBO, and developed and co-produced the film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She shared a national writing award in connection with this film.

LORNA went on to serve as V.P. of Creative Affairs at Adam Productions at Warner Bros. and at Twentieth Century Fox studios, developing new TV series and movies. She gained more writing and producing credits and was accepted into the Writers Guild of America, West.

Lorna opened her own investigative agency, SOROKO INVESTIGATIONS, when she moved to Tucson, focusing primarily on Plaintiffs’ civil litigation, with special skills in interviewing witnesses and writing comprehensive, clear reports. She also began leading jury focus groups, integrating her ability to inspire participants to express themselves, with an analytic approach to perception and bias.

Because of her experience in the film industry, Lorna knows first-hand the power and impact of seeing and hearing a WELL-TOLD STORY unfold. For several years, she has been making wrongful death, catastrophic injury, and serious injury settlement videos. The videos combine Lorna’s years of varied experience and talents, including an understanding of legal issues, an ability to interview people in a way that draws out genuine, moving responses, a talent for telling a compelling story, and outstanding skills in editing together complex material into a video with maximum impact on settlement outcomes.

Lorna is a Fellow at the University of Arizona Hanson Film Institute in the College of Theatre, Film and Television where she leads workshops and moderates entertainment industry panels.