Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

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We’ve made videos for cases involving the tragic death of children and young adults, elderly parents, and people in just about every life stage in between.

For each one, Lorna interviews family members, friends, teachers, and colleagues, aiming for their most genuine, truly heartfelt expressions of love and loss. (The number of people interviewed is tailored to each video’s needs and goals.)

At the same time, Lorna always keeps in mind and includes the critical legal points that must be covered.


Powerful interview excerpts are edited with pre-existing photos and video (when available), as well as accident photos, to create a vivid and impactful wrongful death settlement video. Each video viscerally tells the story of a special person whose life was cut short by the fault of another/others, the terrible pain and grief suffered by those left behind, and the victim’s future potential that will never be realized.

"The mediators in the cases where we submitted Lorna's work all said the videos were the best they had seen."

Our wrongful death videos have been very effective as persuasive settlement tools. Some clients send the video with their initial demand. Others wait until further along in the case. For each of our wrongful death videos, we have received enthusiastic feedback about the significant positive impact of the video.